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Expanded Material Testing Capability

EYE Applied Optix has the equipment you need for extra capacity at an off-site lab or to try new equipment before buying. Companies who need material testing can use one of the three pieces of equipment at our Mentor facilities.

The Testing Services Laboratory provides interested customers with a way to try out equipment before buying. Customers may also utilize the lab to extend their own laboratory testing capacity. The facility is staffed with professionals and offers a range of services to customers to facilitate the testing process.

The laboratory is equipped with a full-spectrum xenon lamp XER-W75, a 30-sun UV SUV-W161 weathering test chamber, and an IEC BBA compliant full-spectrum 0.5m x 0.5m solar soaking system.

The SUV-W161 tool gives customers a strategic advantage with regard to product testing, and research and development, due to the rapid acceleration of the weathering test process. The system provides for user defined sample exposure to UV irradiation, temperature, humidity and water spray. It generates test results in as little as 1/30th the time of traditional xenon or fluorescent tube weathering test chambers.

The SUV-W161 is used by Fortune 500 and other companies in North America for strategic research and development efforts, and by other entities for manufacturer specific standard compliance testing. This chamber is relatively new in North America, but hundreds are installed and used globally.

The XER-W75 is comparable to other large sample capacity, full-spectrum xenon weathering test chambers in the market, and has a 10,920cm² target area (104 standard coupons). In addition, the XER-W75 may be equipped with a unique acceleration cage that allows 4-sun equivalent full-spectrum sample irradiation combined with temperature, humidity and spray cycles. A large number of companies use the XER-W75 for research and development, and for compliance testing to global standards issued by ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS, SAE and other entities.

The 0.5m² IEC BBA compliant soaking system may be used for a variety of testing for IEC and other standards on photovoltaic modules and components, and is also useful for material testing applications requiring 1-sun, full-spectrum irradiation .

For more information on testing services from EYE Applied Optix, call (440) 350-3005, email us at doug.vermillion@eyelighting.com or visit our website at www.eyeappliedoptix.com.