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4 times the power of the sun Xenon Lamp XER-W83

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Xenon Lamp XER-W83

You get 4 times the power of the sun with the EYE XER-W83. This is a state of the art Xenon weathering test chamber designed to perform global standards testing on all types of materials. Two sample frame options are available that offer either standard 1-sun equivalent full spectrum irradiation, or industry leading 4-sun equivalent full spectrum irradiation.

The XER-W83 system simulates the degradation caused by full spectrum sunlight, rain, humidity and temperature, and is designed for maximum flexibility to provide a single test system compliant with global automotive, textile, plastic, paint and other test standards. Options include a large sample frame holder with 10,920 cm² target area and 30-120 W/m² irradiation, or a mid-size sample frame holder with 5670 cm² target area and 48-200 W/m² irradiation.

The system includes a built in data-logger for data storage and simple transfer to common programs such as MS-Excel. All weathering parameters and cycle functions are fully programmable including temperature, humidity, water spray, full spectrum irradiation, rest (night time), and cycle/duration timing.

  • Up to 200 W/m² of sunshine replicating, uniform UV and Full-Spectrum coverage between 295-800 nm.
  • Programmable test setup including irradiation, dark, shower, RH% control cycles.
  • Repeatable results with correlation to outdoor testing.
  • Compliant with existing global test standards.

Download the Xenon XER W83 Spec Sheet here.

The XER in Use

Listen to what experienced users are saying about the EYE Applied Optix XER-W83 Weathering Test Chamber. Watch the videos here.

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