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30 times the power of the sun SUV-W161

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5 years of Florida UV exposure in 10 days

with the EYE SUV-161 Weathering Test Chamber

Metal Halide SUV-W161

Demand for products to survive prolonged outdoor exposure continues to expand. With the phenomenal performance of the EYE SUPER UV TESTER from EYE Applied Optix, you can get faster and more accurate exposure testing, making it an indispensable tool for material development and research.

The SUV in Use

Listen to what experienced users are saying about the EYE Applied Optix SUV-161 Weathering Test Chamber. Watch the videos here.

How the Super UV Test Chamber Works

The EYE Super UV Tester uses a proprietary high output UV lamp that generates ultraviolet light very efficiently. Its UV irradiation intensity is 30 or more times greater than that of sunlight and conventional weatherometers. For even greater solar correlation, UV radiation below 295 nm is removed from the light source by a custom filter. Removing this radiation below 295 nm – that in natural sunlight does not reach earth – produces an acceleration in deterioration that more closely resembles outdoor exposure. There is no risk that light of a wavelength not present in sunlight will bias the test results.


The proprietary metal halide lamp used in the SUV-161 generates a high level of UV that is then reflected onto the test surface inside the chamber with a specially designed reflector. The resulting spectrum of the Super UV Test Chamber is seen in purple below. In this spectral chart, one can see the difference in UV output from the Super UV versus other test units and natural sunlight.

SUV-161 vs. Natural Sunlight

SUV-161 vs. Typical Weatherometer

SUV-161 vs. Xenon Test Chamber

SUV-161 vs. Ultraviolet Carbon Arc

SUV-161 vs. Low Pressure UV Tester

SUV-161 vs. Other Weather Testing Types

“The Super UV provides highly accelerated data compared to xenon and fluorescent tools. We’re able to rapidly screen formulations, increase test throughput, and correlate to outdoor and traditional test methods.”

– Mark Alessandro, Global R&D Durability Manager, Avery Dennison

The effective irradiation areas on the test plate measures 16.61 in. x 7.48 in. (422 mm x 190 mm) and can accommodate a number of test samples based on your test sample size(s).

When the system is on, the metal halide lamp illuminates the chamber in a blue tint. The door should remain closed when the system is on due to potential UV exposure.

The interactive touch screen powers the machine. The screen will collect system data and allow the user to set repeatable test procedures.

Benefits and Features

  • Compresses years of detrimental UV radiation effects into just weeks of testing, allowing rapid verification of designs and significantly shortening product development time.
  • Ensure optimal test correlation with natural UV degradation.
  • Reliable long duration test results, even as the lamp ages.
  • Increased test productivity utilizing saved tests for repeatable test results.
  • Promptly review data with the built-in data logger.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce warranty costs by discovering product design problems and marginal components to be corrected during product development.
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
    Our proprietary metal halide based high-output UV lamp delivers 10 times the acceleration of typical weathering chambers, dramatically shortening life cycle testing.
  • Correlated Acceleration
    The SUV-W161 system can generate 30 times natural sunlight UV energy (UVA/UVB) to provide acceleration factors greater than 100, correlated to outdoor exposure
  • Natural Sunlight Replication
    The fully integrated, proprietary lamp provides UV, while the spectral filter system cuts UV irradiation below 295nm to block the harmful UV not found in surface sunlight.
  • Automated Irradiation Control
    The desired UV irradiation intensity is easily set on the touch panel and then controlled by an electronic feedback system.
  • Simple Data Capture and Analysis
    The SUV-W161 system includes a built in data-logger for data storage and simple transfer to common programs such as MS-Excel.
  • Flexible Test Setup
    All weathering parameters and cycle functions are fully programmable including temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV power, rest (night time), and cycle/duration timing. All functions are easily saved for quick recall to ensure repeatable test results and increased test productivity.


UV Solar Lamp: EYE proprietary metal halide UV lamp with water cooling jacket

Spectrum Class: Filtered UV 295 nm – 450 nm

Effective Irradiation Area: 190 mm (7.5 in) x 422 mm (16.5 in)

Weathering Functions: Irradiation Power, Temperature, Humidity, and Rainfall (shower); cycle and durations are programmable

Test Duration: Programmable from 0.1 hr to 9999.9 hrs

Data Acquisition: Built-in datalogger with CF card for data transfer (csv) to MS-Excel or equivalent programs

UV Irradiation Power: Programmable, up to 1500W/m2; feedback controlled by internal UV irradiation sensor

UV Irradiation Distribution: Uniformity ratio ≥ 90%

Temperature Control: Irradiation period 50ºC to 85ºC Pause period 35ºC to 75ºC (with ambient at 20ºC)

Humidity Control: 40-90% (dependent on BP temperature)

Cycle Control: Continuous irradiation or programmable cycle operation; (1) Continuous irradiation; (2) Irradiation > pause; (3) Irradiation > condensation; (4) Irradiation > condensation > pause; (5) Irradiation > pause > condensation

Lamp Life: Approximately 1500 hours

Input Power (max): Three phase 208V AC; 21kVA; max 65A

Dimensions: 1800mm (70.8 in) H x 1400mm (55.1 in) W x 1200 mm (47.2 in) D

Weight: Approximately 700 kg (1540 lbs)

NOTE: chamber requires external water purifier (deionizer) and external chiller (approximately 3.5 ton)

Click here for disposal and recycle information on lamps containing mercury.


5 Years of UV Exposure in 10 Days Based on:

  • Annual Florida TUV 280 MJ @ 300-400nm
  • Super UV Irradiance 1500 W/m² @ 300-400nm, or 5.4 MJ/hour
  • Continuous Irradiance
  • Approximately 2.16 Super UV days = 1 Florida Year

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