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Weathering Test Chambers

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Applied Optix designs, builds and sells scientific and industrial test lighting systems using full spectrum, ultraviolet, visible and infrared light sources.

Weathering Test Chambers

Weathering Test Chambers offers several options for your weathering test need. We design and build xenon or metal halide lamp based environmental/weathering chambers used for strategic research and development, or standards based testing. These chambers allow for accelerated weathering testing of material samples by combining exposure to light energy irradiation, temperature, humidity and spray cycle events.

Metal Halide SUV-W161

With its 30 times the power of the sun capability, the SUV-W161 is a unique UV durability chamber utilizing a proprietary metal halide based super high output UV irradiator.

Xenon Lamp XER-W83

With its 4 times the power of the sun capability, the XER-W83 is a state of the art Xenon weathering test chamber designed to perform global standards testing on all types of materials

Environmental Simulator

The Complex Environmental Simulator may be used as a 1-sun equivalent full-spectrum durability test chamber. Includes integrated temperature and humidity controls.

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