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EYE Solarlux™ Cure

Replacement UV Lamps for EYE Brand UV Curing System.

UV IrradiatorUV Curing is a speed curing process in which high intensity ultraviolet light is used to create a photochemical reaction that instantly cures inks, adhesives and coatings. Please contact us for more information on replacement lamp, irradiator assembly or other UV cure and cross linking applications.

We supply fully compatible EYE brand UV Curing Lamps for North American EYE Graphics customers along with basic consumable parts.

Product Name Part Number Compatible with Type
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A90-110F1 EYE H11-L31  Mercury
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A90-110F3 EYE M11-L31 Metal Halide
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A110-176D1 EYE H176-L41X Mercury
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A110-176D3 EYE M176-L41X Metal Halide
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A105-210N3 EYE M21-L51DX Metal Halide
EYE Solarlux™ Cure A110-220N3 EYE M22-L51DX Metal Halide
EYE UV Lamp M12-L42W/E EYE M12-L42W Metal Halide
EYE UV Lamp M168-L42DX/E EYE M168-L42D Metal Halide
EYE UV Lamp M09-L32D/E EYE M09-L32 Metal Halide
EYE UV Lamp M01-L212/E EYE M01-L212 Metal Halide

Any other models are also available.   Please contact us for details.

Basic Conditions:
1: We can ship these products to end user in North America only. Not available for any whole sellers or users outside North America.
2: Minimum quantity per order is 3 pcs for each model. (No aggregation of different models)
3: Standard lead time 80-90 days ARO.
4: Shipping by ground transportation only. (UPS Ground, FedEX Ground etc.  No air shipment available).
5: Other restrictions may apply.

All lamps are manufactured by IWASAKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD exclusively for North American Market.

We also supply spare mirrors for UV irradiators. Please contact us for details.

Contact us for availability and details.

Click here for disposal and recycle information on lamps containing mercury.


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