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Infrared solar simulators

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Infrared solar simulators

Infrared solar simulators utilize a light source that replicates all or a portion of the IR spectrum of sunlight at the surface of the Earth.

Portable and Height Adjustable Infrared ArrayInfrared lighting systems are used for simulating a directed radiant solar heat load and are useful testing thermal expansion properties of materials and for other applications that require applied heat such as painting, printing, drying, etc.

As heat radiation is applied to a target it is absorbed directly into the material surface. These systems are ideal for climate control testing and evaluating the effects of long term heat exposure on various materials.

We produce a variety of made to order systems based on your testing or process requirement including systems for the transportation industry, fenestration products, building materials and many other objects that are exposed to heat energy.

These systems are fully dimmable, utilize multi-zone PID control via thermocouple, and may be integrated within larger climate chambers or with other control systems. Chamber mounted or portable designs are common.

EYE Applied Optix™ also provides infrared based manufacturing systems to cure coatings, form plastics, and produce semi-conductor assemblies.

View the downloadable Solar Simulation and Heat Loading Systems for Automotive Sell Sheet here.

View the downloadable Infrared Solar Simulation Sell Sheet here.

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