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Full Spectrum Solar Simulators

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Full Spectrum Solar Simulators

Full Spectrum solar simulators use a light source that replicates natural sunlight at the surface of the Earth and includes ultraviolet, visible and infrared energy bands.

Full Spectrum solar simulators replicate natural sunlightFull spectrum solar simulation systems are used for simulating a directed radiant solar energy load onto a target surface and are useful for testing items that are exposed to sunlight.  Light source spectrum is produced to match the requirements of standard requirements set by different organizations such as IEC 60904, ASTM E927, JIS C8912, MIL-STD-810 and DIN 75220.  Systems are designed to meet specific irradiated energy levels (W/m²) and uniformity levels on target.

We produce a variety of made to order systems based on your testing or process requirement including systems for the transportation industry, electronics, building materials, photovotaics and many other objects that are exposed to solar energy.  Chamber mounted or portable designs are common.  We also offer a full diurnal cycle control system.

These systems are used to:

  • Evaluate the effects of solar heating on material thermal expansion, dimensional stability, and fit and finish,
  • Determine aging and photodegradation effects of solar irradiation on coatings, paints, color fading and other material tests,
  • Conduct air conditioning and emissions tests for transportation equipment manufacturers, and
  • Perform a variety of performance, quality and qualification tests for photovoltaic

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