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Material test lab services,
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Use one of the weathering test chambers or full spectrum systems in our Mentor, Ohio facility.

EYE Applied Optix Material Test Laboratory houses four weathering test chambers, and one full spectrum lighting system available for customer use.

Super UV (SUV-W161) Metal Halide Weathering Chambers

The EYE AO material test lab currently has two of these highly accelerated life test chambers available for customer use. This chamber uses high irradiance (1500 W/m2) in the UV and near visible bands (295-450 nm) to provide significant reductions in test duration.

The most common test applications of the Super UV chamber are:

Screening Tests – This tool has become a game changer for our customers. Companies use the Super UV to rapidly expedite the screening test process during new product research and development. These businesses are highly focused on leading their respective industries with regard to new product development, quality, cost savings, etc. Our customers use the Super UV to gain a competitive advantage due to the huge reduction in test and product development time when compared to traditional xenon or fluorescent tools. Super UV testing is also an affordable, more available, and faster method of conducting screening tests compared to accelerated outdoor testing.

Standards Compliance Testing – The Super UV weathering chambers are presently specified in company proprietary compliance test standards. These companies are Japanese in origin and have been using the Super UV chamber for decades. Sometimes these chambers are referred to with our parent company name Iwasaki, or by the current and past model numbers (SUV-W161 or SUV-W151).

Super Xenon (XER-W83) Xenon Weathering Chambers

Our customers use the EYE Super Xenon chamber for standards compliance testing, and screening tests. The EYE AO material test lab currently has two xenon lamp chambers available for customer use.

The EYE Super Xenon chamber is comparable in performance and results to competitive xenon chamber designs, and may be used to conduct compliance testing to published global test standards. This chamber uses a sample holder that rotates around the xenon light source producing irradiance in the UV, visible, and near IR bands (295-850nm). The chamber controls, and two sample holders, allow for an irradiance range between 30-180 W/m2.

Full Spectrum Soaking Array

This array has a target area of 0.5m2 and is IEC BBA compliant for spectrum, uniformity and stability, and produces full spectrum light energy in the UV, visible and infrared bands. The irradiance level is adjustable between 500-1250 W/m2, and the array is configured to operate in ambient room conditions.

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