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Onboard or Confined Space LED Lighting System

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Onboard or Confined Space LED

Onboard or Confined Space LED systems feature 100G performance, DC power and are designed for high G-Force or confined small area applications.

High intensity, white-light LED engines with 5000K color corrected temperature.  Instant on/off operation and DC electronic drivers eliminate light flicker/strobe during high speed imaging events eliminating the need for potentially problematic light system synchronization to the imaging system.

Additional features include:

  • Compact size and light weight enables positioning in “confined” areas where fill lighting is critical; also ideal for static component testing to eliminate difficult shadow areas
  • Ruggedized, sealed housing tested to 100Gs ensures reliable, trouble free operation
  • Low power DC design allows direct operation of multiple units on sled or in-vehicle from standard 12V-24V DC power without need for heavy cables or power systems.
  • Very low heat output ensures against negative heat effects on crash dummies and critical test components in static test applications
  • Optional High-G battery/distribution unit power supply available

View the downloadable Onboard Sell Sheet here

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