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Material, equipment, and other Scientific Testing Using Light

EYE Applied Optix focuses on designing and building scientific and industrial applied lighting systems for the following practical application areas:

Weather durability testing is a necessity for any products that must endure the harsh treatment of Mother Nature.Weather durability testing is a necessity for any products that must endure the harsh treatment of Mother Nature.

Applied Optix designs, builds and sells scientific and industrial test lighting systems using full spectrum, ultraviolet, visible and infrared light sources.

  • Solar Simulation- this is the most all encompassing category and focuses on the use of light sources that produce full-spectrum, ultraviolet, or infrared energy applied to a target surface. Test characteristics may include emissions, environmental chambers, material testing, photovoltaics, thermal expansion, and others.
  • Weathering Test Chambers- xenon or metal halide lamp based environmental/weathering chambers used for strategic research and development, or standards based testing.
  • High Speed Imaging Lighting- high intensity, flicker free, bright white LED lighting for use with high speed/resolution digital imaging systems.
  • EYE Applied Optix also has considerable experience with other practical application areas including UV Curing and Cross Linking.

Contact us here to request information for any application not specified in the list above.

EYE Applied Optix services the North American market, including the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Parent company has a history of Scientific and Industrial Applied Lighting Systems

EYE Applied Optix is a division of EYE Lighting International of North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric, respected in the lighting industry for decades. Iwasaki is a Tokyo based advanced lighting technology company focused on designing and manufacturing lighting products and light-applied system solutions. This creates a vertically integrated lighting company, uniquely equipped to engineer, manufacture and maintain application specific lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and control software. Our innovative lighting technology is a culmination of years of global application lighting system experience. Iwasaki Electric’s wealth of sophisticated lighting technology has enabled us to provide outstanding customer solutions to a wide spectrum of applications. Utilizing the vast expertise of our parent, our goal is to provide best-in-class solutions while living up to our corporate philosophy:

“Employing light technology to create a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment”

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