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Turn-key solar simulation systems for conducting infrared light energy testing

Infrared Solar Simulation

Eye Lighting International of North America- Applied Optix supplies turn-key solar simulation systems for conducting infrared light energy testing on material and product surfaces. These systems are compliant with the test lighting system requirements specified in many standards including ASTM E2264-05, and are capable of producing 5500 W/m2 of infrared band light energy at the light source.

The primary purpose of the infrared (IR) lighting array is to simulate the heat energy from natural sunlight. This heat energy is directed onto the test sample resulting in a temperature gain on the exposed sample surface. IR systems are used extensively for thermal expansion/contraction testing of products ranging from base material samples to finished products like automobiles.

IR lighting systems may be scalable to future test requirements and are often installed within environmental chambers as shown in the photo below. Applied Optix has developed strong working relationships with all of the leading environmental chamber manufactures, and are able to ensure successful integration of an IR lighting system into a new, or already installed, environmental chamber.

IR systems from Applied Optix may be permanently mounted within an environmental chamber, or may be designed to be portable as shown in the photos below.

The IR lamps are designed and built by our parent company, Iwasaki Electric, in Japan. The IR system is constructed at either our Mentor, OH facility, or our parent facility in Japan. The completed system is then factory tested to ensure proper operation under the supervision and onsite presence of Applied Optix personnel. Staged shipments of system components will be sent to the customer job site as needed, and then installed on site to fit within the overall project schedule. Once the system is installed, Applied Optix will perform operating training and final customer acceptance test.

Infrared systems from Applied Optix are superior to competitive products because of the higher uniformity of light coverage, longer lamp life, and the use of reflectorized lamps that project energy specifically onto the target surface. Applied Optix IR systems feature the highest quality components and system design.