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EYE Lighting International of North America- Applied Optix supplies turn-key solar simulation systems for conducting US EPA SC03 Emissions Testing on gasoline powered vehicles. These systems are compliant to 40 CFR 1066.835 Parts 86.161 and 1066.835, and the light energy is compliant to 40CFR 1066.835(f)(3)(ii) and 86.161(3)(iii) for spectrum.

The primary purpose of the lighting array is to simulate natural sunlight during the SC03 emissions test and create a natural heat load on the vehicles being tested. The light and light energy produced by the solar system is a very close match to natural sunlight at the surface of the earth.
During the EPA test the subject vehicle is placed on a dynamometer and the vehicle is run through a series of specified simulated driving speeds. In addition, a large blower is located at the front of the vehicle to simulate wind speed. The solar simulator is then operated to simulate the heat load from sunlight. All of the vehicle systems are operating including the air conditioning. Particulate and chemical sensors are placed in the vehicle exhaust pipe and the emissions are evaluated for compliance to the SC03 requirements.

The lamps for the solar simulator are mounted in an overhead array that is fastened to the ceiling of the test room. The power supply and main control panel are located in a room within 150 feet of the lighting array. An auxiliary control panel is located within the test room control center. Safety features including E-stops are built into the system and may be integrated into the main facility safety control system.

The solar simulation systems are designed and built by our parent company, Iwasaki Electric, in Japan. The entire system is constructed, and then factory tested to ensure proper operation under the supervision and onsite presence of Applied Optix personnel. The system is then disassembled into sections, crated, and shipped to our facility in Mentor, OH. Staged shipments of system components will be sent to the customer job site as needed, and then installed on site to fit within the overall construction schedule. Once the system is installed, Applied Optix will perform operating training and final customer acceptance test.

SC03 systems from Applied Optix are superior to competitive products because of the higher uniformity of light coverage, longer lamp life, and overall lower energy consumption. Applied Optix SC03 systems feature the highest quality components and system design along with the lowest total life cycle cost of ownership. An example of the solar irradiance and uniformity plot is provided below.